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If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

First of all, how old would I be when I woke up? This requires thinking...

Temporarily Back

I know, I've been away for over a year. Just popping on to see if anyone wants to get back in contact with me. Please leave me a note on here if you do!

Digging through my cds

I'm finding all sorts of songs I forgot I had.  Just went through a lovely collection of 80's tunes, which was so badly scratched I had to rip songs off of it & throw the cd out.  Not as much a scratch as a tiny chunk missing.  Boo.

Now I'm listening to a mix with everything from Bette Davis Eyes to Three Days.  Interesting; I wonder what mood this cd is supposed to evoke.  I was going to say romance, but how romantic is Fame by David Bowie?  Or TSOP (The Sounds of Philadelphia) by TSOP?

I also had an all over the board mix, with everything from Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds to to Bella Morte's The Rain Within Her Hands, and Catch My Fall (by a former hs classmate, John Norten, of Blue Eyed Christ).  I have no idea what made me mix those tracks.

Interesting what music can evoke.  80's pop seems to evoke a happy nostalgia in me; I just adore digging up songs I haven't heard since then, like Walk The Dinosaur, and listening to it over & over again.  It brings back the energy & joy of my youth, a sort of mood therapy.  Meanwhile, 90's Industrial/Goth reminds me of my moody college self, who was reaching out to the world & not sure of how to do it.  In a way, it makes me feel more decisive & determined.  Nothing like Headhunter (by Front 242) or Nitzer Ebb's Join In The Chant to drive a bad mood away.

11 more cds to go, with everything from big band to techno.  Wonder how many of these things I need to keep.

Maybe after this, I will listen to my tv theme song cds.  Those are always great for some nostalgia.

Writing update: short story: Copycat

It's the year 2040, and the next generation of magi has come of age.  This is their time, and their celebration.  So, when one of the rogue elder magi comes a-calling with mischief and anger in his heart, it may be up to one of the new magi to save the day.


Happy Inauguration, President Obama!

Here's to at least 4 years of improvement to our wonderful country.


My library card is wha-a-t??

I just found out that my library card is about to expire.

In which I vow to fix this situation post-hasteCollapse )

Writer's Block: Novel Ideas

NaNoWriMo starts today. Give us a one-sentence description of the novel you plan to write.
Seeking her lost daughter, Violette comes across a community that may either be the salvation of all magi...or their doom.

And I'm going strong with the novel.  It keeps surprising me with plot twists and new ideas.  Woo hoo!  Old story being brought back to vibrant life.  NaNoWriMo is great for firing up the muse - and keeping her dancing, too.

vote for me, vote for me!

Writer's Block: Fright Show

'Tis the season for scary movies. Some rank The Evil Dead as the best horror film of all time. What is your favorite scary movie?
*****warning***** spoilers abound!!!!  So, if you haven't watched the Twilight Zone movie, Creepshow, Saw, The Cell or the Tales from the Darkside TV series, and don't want to learn vital points in their plots, Advance No Further!  You Have Been Warned!
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