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What fun!  I forgot how silly it was.  I forgot how much I liked the DJs - Venus Flytrap and Johnny Fever.  We have the DJ with the cool duds and attitude, and we have the wildman rocker nursing his coffee,  And cute little news guy, Les Nessman, who duded up in ascot, bad rug and suit...was still little and nerdy.

The first time I saw this show, I lived in Cincinnati; I thought it was great to see a TV show in my city.  I fell in love with the theme song, and loved all the images of Cincinnati, especially the fountain.

I'm watching the episode where Les scores a date with the pretty receptionist Jennifer, where Herb (suave in his own mind, and clad in a looovely mint green 70's leisure suit) keeps bombing with her.

This show, with the fluffy hair on the guys and the leisure suits, may cause late 70's/early 80's flashbacks.  Could be dangerous